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After buying a house in 2007, I decided to buy a picnic table. Looking at the tables on the side of the road here and there, I was NOT impressed with what I found. I wanted a table that had no splinters, would stay nice and straight and was rugged. I decided I would build my own. Some friends came over and one of them asked me to sell them my table. I figured, no problem I would build another one. This happened 3 times! I decided I would build some to sell in 2008 and sold 13 of them! People loved the quality and how rugged they were. I started this website in 2008 and started advertising on CL. People who buy my tables are looking for the best quality built tables for their money!

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May 6, 2013
Dear Dave,
Sorry we missed your calls about the table delivery, but we were away for the weekend. It was a nice surprise to see it waiting for us when we got back. The design and workmanship are far nicer than I've seen on other picnic tables, and we're very happy with it.
Many thanks,
North Hampton

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012
Dave just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the picnic table, it is perfect for our needs, solid, sturdy and the grain in the wood is beautiful. You may want to include on your website a place to submit reviews. Beautiful work, thank you. From: Diane Gorman

Dave, Yes we do love our table! We will enjoy it for many years to come. You clearly operate with a high level of attention to quality and details that distinguish your tables to be "the one to get". We will happily provide you with word-of-mouth referrals when ever possible. You are a man of your word delivering on-time as promised. Love your website and the "Table Meter"! Thank you, Bill & Cheryl Arsenault - 6' KD Seperate Bench - May 2011

Hi Dave, I would be happy to tell you about the table. I was very impressed how quickly you built it. I thought I would see it in 4-6 weeks but you notified me in less than 2 weeks that it was complete. It's adorable as we agreed when I picked it up. It is a very sturdy table. As you said, you built it as you would a full size table. Many tables today are nailed or stapled together. This little table is full of bolts and screws, adding to the strength and longevity of the table. My growing grandkids will enjoy many years around that table! I can sit at the table and there is no tipping-solid as can be! I haven't painted/stained/waxed it yet. The grain is so pretty I can't decide what to do. I think I have decided that since it is for the kids, I should add color to it. I'm planning to do a wash in apple green. The grain will show through to please me and there will be a bright color to make the kiddos happy. You said you would make it as smooth as if making it for your own grandkids and you did just that. Saves me work when I get to painting! I like the way you capped the ends of the table and seats to prevent warping and making a nicer finish than cut ends. Again, thank you for the lovely table and the pride and care you take in your work.
Carol Pokorny - 4' Kids Table

"The table is absolutely perfect for what we needed and looks terrific in our yard. My family was here this weekend for a cookout and they were impressed with the quality & value and they've made their own furniture and built their own houses!
So thank you again. We're so glad we found you.
Melanie - 6' KD Seperate Bench
"I saw alot of ads on CL and searched online everywhere for the best prices as well as a quality built/looking table. I'm definitely happy with my choice."
Jeremy - 8' PT Classic Stained
"Well I appreciate all your advice and I definitely chose your table because of the finished work on the sides as well as most tables I saw had only 5 or 6 boards on top and used only 2 on the benches. Plus they weren't using pressure treated lumber either. So just by doing a little homework your tables definitely stood out from the rest..
Thanks again....Jake" - 8' PT Classic
"Hi Dave,
I finally got back to NH. What was waiting for me? A nice new picnic table. It's beautiful, I love it. Thank you so much."
Len - 8' PT Classic
I would like to thank you for making such great tables! I am sure I will be getting another one in the near future.
I have told several work colleges about your tables already.
Rich - 8' PT Seperate Bench (We have made 3 more tables for his family members!)
Hi Dave, We have been away when Fred Bailey asked us to let you know how our picnic table is working.
The answer is great! It is nice and heavy and won't tip over and also a great size.
This Fall we will give it a coat or two of poly so it will stay nice for years.
Thank you. Joel & Joyce Nelson - 8' PT Seperate Bench
Hello Dave,
The picnic table is fantastic. Excellent quality and well made.
Thanks, Sarah - 6' PT Classic
Hi, My mother loves the picnic table, we've stained it green.
Sabrina - 8' KD Classic

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