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PTC Faqs

When others advertise cheaper prices, is there a reason why? - YES

Does Pressure Treated Lumber contaminate food? - NO!!!

Do we build tables strong, long lasting, safe and beautiful? - YES

Are our tables safe for children and adults? - YES

Do we use exterior deck screws? - YES

Do we sand our tables smooth and remove splinters? - YES

Can prices of our tables change due to lumber costs? -YES

Can weather delay the building of your table - YES

Do our tables give you the most for your money? - YES

Do we carry the table across your property - NO

Do we take personal checks or E-Checks? - NO, Sorry.

Can we make tables longer than 10'? - Not at this time

Do we paint or stain your tables? - NO, Sorry.

Do we build CUSTOM tables? - YES, E-mail Me.

Your table is priority to us, but, at times, there CAN be delays!

We use ProWood ACQ Treated Lumber for Pressure Treated Tables
Arsenic-free ProWood ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) is safe for residential use, as well as for commercial, agricultural, and fresh-water immersion applications. It's clean, odorless, non-staining and non-irritating to plants, humans, and animals.
Make it safe and sturdy with ProWood ACQ.

We use lumber from sustainable forests

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